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In December 2016 Juan Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Price on behalf of the Colombian peoples for the peace process and agreement signed between the government and the leftist guerrilla Farc (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces). The peace process officially started in Oslo in October 2012 was signed by the parties in September 2016 and ratified by the Congress in November.

Development Cooperation in Colombia

Norwegian People's Aid's partners in Colombia work with Indigenous rights, land distribution and marginalized groups.

Humanitarian Disarmament in Colombia

Colombia is believed to be one of the most landmine contaminated countries in the world, and it still records some of the highest numbers of accidents per year.


1,4 million people is indigenous out of a population of approximately 43 million

 Colombia has the fifth largest indigenous poplulation in America

 There are 102 different indigenous groups in the country.

 More than half of the indigenous population live in autonomous lands called "Resguardo indigenas" (indigenous reserve), where they can exercise autonomy in accordance with their own traditions and their own culture