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Resounding Voices in the Kingdom of Violence

24.01.15 | Zeina Bali

Four Syrian Human Rights activists have been abducted for 12 months. So far there has been no serious investigation of the abduction, and no one has claimed responsibility. The Free Douma4 campaign seeks to break the silence.

Humanitarian Disarmament returns to Kosovo

24.01.15 | Chris Natale, Pristina, REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO

NPA’s efforts to make Kosovo free of unexploded cluster munitions and landmines have started. As of November 3rd, Norwegian People’s Aid has an office in the capital of Pristina and initial preparations for non-technical survey are underway.  The first operational task will be to size up the scale of the remaining cluster munitions problem in the politically-sensitive northern municipalities on the border with Serbia.

Congo riverbank cleared of deadly legacy of grenades, rockets and shells

24.01.15 |

“I’m happy to clear my country,” says Kayisa, as he places bundles of red explosive charges on top of the pile, covering them with sandbags to increase the effectiveness of the detonation. “I’m sure that this will be the beginning of development because no one will now be afraid to come here for fishing, building a house or doing agriculture.”

Handed over Ammunition Store to the Government

23.01.15 | Augustino Seja

NPA humanitarian Disarmament South Sudan has handed over three constructed ammunition stores to SPLA. The primary objective of the stores  has been to mitigating the risk of unplanned explosions through the application of the principles contained in the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). Prior to this the ammunition was badly stored and was under great risk of catching fire during the dry season.

NPA partner fears the end of minorities in Iraq

23.01.15 | Julie Offerdal

The majority of Iraq’s Christian Yezidi population remains displaced by ISIS. Forced to live in streets and unfinished buildings, they will either die or leave the country, NPA partner organization fears.

Palestinians fleeing Syria to difficult times in Lebanon

23.01.15 | Scott M. Sandvik

While war rages in Syria, large numbers of refugees put pressure on neighboring countries like Lebanon. Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria are among the weakest.

Political training in Colombia

8.12.14 | Torunn Aaslund

In 2013, ONIC revised its political training program, the National Indigenous Training School (EFIN), which started in 2005 and has trained 4,368 indigenous women and men.

People of the sea fight for their right to the sea

8.12.14 | Torunn Aaslund

Since 1991, the indigenous Lafkenche communities, located on Chile’s southern seaboard, have organised themselves in ITL (Identity Territorial Lafkenche) to defend their right to the sea.

Delivering aid among barrel bombs

3.11.14 | Julie Offerdal

Due to violent combat in Aleppo city, it is very challenging for people to get food and necessary items, says NPA partner organization Masarrat, who despite these challenges recently succeeded in distributing aid in several areas of Aleppo city.

Prospective victory for boycott campaign against SodaStream

30.10.14 |

The soda maker SodaStream has announced that they will close their factory in an illegal settlement in the West Bank. An international campaign has pressured the company for a long time to do just this.