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Bomb of 1.5 meter removed from farmer’s garden

Nguyen Van Vu’s garden is finally safe after 43 years. Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and RENEW excavated and destroyed the MK82 bomb this week.

The farmer, aged 61, of Hai Tho Commune in Vietnam still remembered when his father dug down the 200 kilo bomb in 1972.

“An aircraft dropped three bombs at a time and two went off, creating two bomb craters in my family’s garden,” Vu told Project Renew .

“The third didn’t explode and my father decided to bury it right in our garden after driving all of us away,” he added.

NPA and RENEW detected the bomb, removed it and destroyed it this week. The programme is funded by the US Department of State.

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12.08.2015 | Tine Solberg Johansen