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Our Work

Norwegian People’s Aid undertakes practical preventive and supportive work at home and abroad. The organisation’s engagement centres on two strategic areas: Just distribution of power and resources and Protection of life and health

Development Cooperation

Norwegian People's Aid works in partnership with local organizations in more than 20 countries. The aim is to strengthen their ability to fight for a more equitable distribution of power and resources in their communities.

Mine Action and Disarmament

Norwegian People's Aid has expanded its work from Mine Action to broader areas of Mine Action and Disarmament – meaning both operational and advocacy work which aim to reduce and prevent harm to civilians from the impacts of weapons and ammunition. 

First Aid and Rescue Services

When someone are lost or injured in the mountains, there are volunteers ready to respond. Norwegian People's Aid has 2,000 volunteer rescuers on standby.

Refugees and Integration

Norwegian People's Aid has for decades done practical and political advocacy to improve vulnerable group's - including asylum seeker's - situation and rights in Norway.

Where we work