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Development Cooperation in Ethiopia

Development Cooperation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia today is at a crossroads. It is experiencing strong economic growth, but poverty, ethnic conflicts, environmental threats, suppression of women and a twisted road toward democracy are some of the challenges the country faces.

Norwegian People’s Aid has supported partner organizations in Ethiopia since 1984, first through emergency assistance and the development of a microlending programme. In December 2001, Norwegian People’s Aid conducted a study of the spread of landmines in Ethiopia.

It showed that the regions Tigray, Afar and Somali had the densest concentration of landmines in Ethiopia. In 2005, Norwegian People’s Aid supported “The Ethiopian Mine Action Office” (EMAO) with mine-sniffing dogs and equipment. Norwegian People’s Aid has had offices in Addis Ababa since 2006.

Norwegian People’s Aid’s development program in Ethiopia has two key objectives:

  • To strengthen small farmers and marginalized cattle herders’ access to and custody of land and other natural resources on which they depend to survive.
  • To combat violence against women.

We are working to attain these goals by cooperating with local organisations. By strengthening them as organisations, we are helping them get results in the field. Norwegian People’s Aid educates the partners directly on monitoring and evaluation, conducting active consulting and contributing to network building among partner organizations and out to other organizations and competency-building institutions.


News from Ethiopia:

Female leadership in Aloe-Vera soap producing cooperative

"Aloe-vera soap production is very effective and easy to manage" says one of the cooperative members, Ayika. Being organised in...
02.10.2014 | Text: Belete Debre, Photo: Kjetil Østnor.

A young man joins beekeeping cooperative to support his family

Abroadeg is 23 years old and lives in Sheka in the southern region of Ethiopia with his wife and a three year old son. He gladly explains...
01.10.2014 | Text: Belete Debre, Photo: Kjetil Østnor

Women help women win rights in Tigray

Men can no longer take loans without permission from their wives following women’s awareness courses in Tigray. Azeb Hailu is one of the...
05.05.2014 | Tigist Getahun (text) and Kjetil Østnor (photo)

Woman joins scent wood cooperative to support family

When Darmi Satu’s husband left her and their six children without the means to support themselves, she joined an initiative to generate i...
25.04.2014 | SOS Sahel and Belete Debre

Pastoralist turns to soap for extra income

Making soap from the aloe vera plant has allowed pastoralist Sago Berger to earn additional income to support his wife and children.
24.04.2014 | Action for Development and Belete Debre

Self-defence training boosts teen’s confidence

“Self-defence training enabled me to show full hearted respect and love to my parents and the people I meet. Because of this behavioural...
23.04.2014 | HIBIR and Tigist Getahun


Facts about Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s largest countries, with a population of about 80 million.

The country has approx. 80 ethnic groups and around 80 languages. Islam, the Ethiopian-Orthodox Church and Protestantism are the principal religions.

Ethiopia is the only African country never to be colonized, but it has a complex history: Three radical regime changes over the past 40 years, civil war, famine and wars with several neighbouring countries.