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Partners for development cooperation in Ethiopia

SOS Sahel works within the fields of natural resources, land rights and the use of common land, biological diversity and conflict resolution. The collaboration with Norwegian People's Aid involves a project in Borena, south Ethiopia, and a project in the area around Lake Awassa. SOS Sahel has been an NPA partner since 2006. For more information, visit SOS Sahel's website .  

Action for Development works to ensure sustainable income basis for pastoralists, conflict resolution, rights to land and natural resources in pastoralist areas. The collaboration with Norwegian People's Aid involves a project in Borena, south Ethiopia, and a project in south Omo. In Borena they collaborate with SOS Sahel as well. AfD has been an NPA partner since 2006 Visit AfD's website for more information.

MELCA works with mapping natural resources, land rights, conflict resolution, organisation of local leaders and dialogue with local authorities. MELCA works with Norwegian People's Aid on a project in the Sheka woodlands in south-west Ethiopia. Norwegian People's Aid has worked with MELCA since 2007. See MELCA's website for more information.  

Dedebit Microfinance (DECSI) is an organization mainly working with micro-credits. Micro-credits are no longer a part of Norwegian People's Aid's strategy, but DECSI collaborates with NPA to combat violence against women through its extensive network of women’s groups. DECSI works in Tigray Province. DECSI has been a NPA partner since 1993. For more information, see DECSI's website .

Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD, formerly TTTM) runs a crisis centre for women in Ethiopia. They also provide protection, legal advice, health services and vocational training, as well as organising training to do with Violence against Women and self-defence. The target group is women living at the crisis centre, police, bureaucratic and legal personnel. AWSAD has been a partner with Norwegian People's Aid since 2007. For more information, see AWSAD's website .  

Children and Women Self-Reliance (CAWS) bases its work on voluntary engagement. CAWS runs a small crisis centre and works with the police, health personnel and local authorities in Dukum and Kaliti. Norwegian People’s Aid has been partner with CAWS since 2009.

HIBIR (”Harmony”, organisation for self-defence and equality, formerly Union Taekwondo-club) is a new organisation looking to coordinate work of other NPA partner organisations against gender-based violence with instruction in women’s rights, self-development, ethics, self-discipline and self-defence. HBIR also works directly and independently with the education authorities in Addis Abeba, training teachers and school administrators in the work to combat violence against women. Norwegian People's Aid has worked with HBIR since 2007.

Save Lives (SL) works to reduce violence and improve women and girls’ social and economic situation. The method is information and organising women into self-help groups in the south of Ethiopia. Safe Lives work closely with local departments, elders and the different religious organisations. Norwegian People’s Aid started the cooperation with Save Lives in 2012. Please visit Save Lives’ website for more information.

Siiqqee Women’s Development Association (SWDA) works with capacity building of women and girls in order to reduce their vulnerability and strengthen their social and economic status. The method is information and organising women into self-help groups in Oromia region in Ethiopia. Norwegian People’s Aid started working with Siiqqe in 2012. Please visit  Siiqqe’s website for more information .