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NPA is based in Tripoli and has been working to found the national mine action authorities and develop their capacity since mid-2011. The long-term residual issues of ERW and weapon proliferation within Libya and further afield in the region, resulted mainly from the Second World-War, border conflicts, and most notably the recent revolution in 2011. NPA has been focusing on capacity-building, Information Management (IM) and operational co-ordination of the Libyan Mine Action Centre (LMAC). Concurrently, NPA is supporting UNDP in the process of advising LMAC on the development of national strategies including mine action generally, stockpile security/ management, weapon decommissioning and non-proliferation.

The overall desired outcome of the the NPA Humanitarian Disarmament Programme Libya is to ensure that the Libyan Mine Action Centre function with all necessary regulatory and institutional frameworks, and are capable of planning, co-coordinating and overseeing all aspects of mine action in Libya within the framework of the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and National Technical Standards and Guidelines (NTSGs).
The goal of this project is to provide comprehensive management and technical, assistance to LMAC in the establishment and management of a cost effective and sustainable mine action programme to deal effectively with the humanitarian and developmental problems related to the contamination of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW )and to support victims of ERW. This project also works with UNMAS and UNDP to maintain a strong link between mine action, recovery and development initiatives.

With the capacity development assistance provided by NPA, the Libyan Mine Action Centre is now actively engaged in the planning, coordination, priority setting, accreditation, quality assurance and oversight of mine action operations.

News from Libya

First and only female demining team in Central Asia


The first ever female demining in Tajikistan was established this year and continues to attract attention from different agencies, governmental bodies, and the media.

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Tender for rent of cars - NPA Angola


The NPA Humanitarian Disarmament Programme in Angola needs for rent x4 (four) vehicles to support its demining project activities in north region of the country (province of Zaire)

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Women at work in Missan, Iraq


In spite of worrying developments in Northern Iraq, with ISIL gaining ground and announcing their own Islamic state, Norwegian People’s Aid’s mine clearance operation in Southern Iraq continues. Local women are an important part of the staff.

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New video explains land release


A new video comissioned by the Humanitarian Disarmament Department encourages efficent land release.

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No solution in sight for Iraq's radioactive military scrap


A report by Dutch peace organisation PAX has found that the lack of obligations on Coalition Forces to help clean-up after using depleted uranium (DU) weapons has resulted in Iraqi civilians and workers continuing to be exposed to the radioactive and toxic heavy metal years after the war.

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Preventing disease outbreak after floods


Deminers and other Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina build walls, distribute equipment and food, secure roads and collect water samples for analysis to prevent disease outbreak after the floods.

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NPA employee killed in accident in Lebanon


One of our colleagues has died in a tragic accident during a clearance operation in Southern Lebanon on Wednesday.

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Mexico conference marks turning point towards nuclear weapon ban


The Second International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, concluded with a call from the Mexican hosts for states to launch a diplomatic process to ban nuclear weapons. Over 140 governments participated from all regions of the world.

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146 states meet in Mexico to discuss humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons


On Thursday 13 February, 146 states are gathered in Nayarit, Mexico for the second international conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. “The momentum from the Oslo conference last year has become even stronger. It is now time to start discussing the steps towards a ban on nuclear weapons”, said Liv Tørres, Secretary General at Norwegian People’s Aid.

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Accident injures two NPA staff


Two NPA staff injured during clearance of unexploded cluster munitions in South Lebanon

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