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Provincial Union of Farmers in Tete - UPCT

Provincial Union of Farmers in Tete - UPCT established its operations in 1994 and was formally approved in 2003. Private investment is increasing in the province. Spearheading this development is international tobacco manufacturers and major coal mining companies like Vale Brazil and Australian Riversdale. People who used to live in the concession areas are moved to other locations. 700 families were, for example, moved from Moatize to Cateme in 2009 to a dry area located 60 km from the city market and without any job opportunities. In 2010 UPCT, against all odds, got acceptance of their claim of compensation to some of those affected in Moatize. The beforementioned mining companies had to pay.

But not all claims and protests have been so successful. People that were moved to Cateme felt that their living conditions were deteriorating and the level of conflict escalated to violence and riots. Their case remains unresolved while enterprises in coal mining and other private investors continue to expand and destroy more potential agricultural land and people's livelihood in the process.