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Partners for development cooperation in South Africa

Action Support Centre is part of Action for Conflict Transformation (ACT) in South Africa, a local branch of a global network for peace and reconciliation.

ZSF – Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum represents a broad alliance of students, working unions, churches, movements and organizations in South Africa, doing solidarity work for Zimbabwe and working to influence the general opinion, media and the authorities in southern Africa. ZSF regards their work as relevant for other countries in the region as well and has for example expanded their portfolio to include support to democratic development in Swaziland. In Zimbabwe, ZSF and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and Action Support Centre work closely together.

Crisis in Zimbabwe is a coalition of organizations in Zimbabwe which fight for democracy. They are supported through NPA’s program in Zimbabwe. The coalition also has a regional office in Johannesburg which makes them better equipped for broader work in southern Africa to influence, among others, the positions of SADC and the African Union. The building of alliances in South Africa is fundamental to succeed in ensuring the building of democracy in the region.

Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE) was established in 1983, inspired by the black awareness movement which formed the student and youth resistance against the Apartheid. In the first few years TCOE worked to make education available to people in the countryside. TCOE works in Western Cape and Limpopo provinces. TCOE upholds that people in the countryside should advocate their demands on social and economic changes and better living conditions; take a role both nationally and internationally; and make alliances with like-minded organizations in other countries. TCOE has particular capacity and experience working on organizational development, leadership and questions relating to women’s rights in South Africa and regionally.

WWMP - Workers World Media Productions is based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Their goal is to make media relevant and accessible for the working class. The organization is independent, but identifies with, and supports the values of the labor movement. Thus, it has a close cooperation with the labor movement and highlights cases regarding people’s work conditions, unemployment, youth and women’s situation. WWMP promotes collective organization and uses radio and other types of media as means to reach the working class and give it a voice. The media programs are produced in several languages and people from the target group get trained in production and participate in conveying seminars with members of working unions.

AIDC was formed in 1996 in response to the democratic transition in South Africa and the new opportunities and challenges it brought those seeking greater social justice within the democracy. AIDC is behind the launch of the Right to Work Campaign and has established itself as a leading source of research and information on poverty, trade and globalization. AIDC is also the publisher of Amandla magazine, a bi-monthly magazine that provides coverage of current political, economic, social processes, events and struggles from a radical perspective. AIDC presents proposals for alternative strategies and perspectives that can deepen the process of reconstruction, democracy and social development in South Africa and on the continent.

Khanya College was established in 1986, Khanya College is an independent organization that assists various constituencies within working class and poor communities to respond to the challenges of economic and political globalization. It builds the political leadership of community based (CBO) and civil society organizations in South Africa and Southern Africa by providing educational and training workshops, publications and research as well as networks of solidarity between its constituent groups. Khanya implements its vision through a variety of projects, among which are the Southern Africa and Solidarity Centre, which incorporates the Annual Winter School, the Gender and Women’s Empowerment Program, the Strategy Centre for the Theory and Practice of Social Movements as well as a Book Fair that runs annually in Johannesburg. Khanya College also has a farm workers’ project which looks at the redistribution of land and supports the organization of farm workers in Southern Africa.