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Norwegian People's Aid supports East Africa Cup (EAC), which has evolved into an annual sports tournament for about 1,300 young people from several countries in the region. In addition to sports activities there are mandatory workshops for all participants on issues such as HIV/AIDS, leadership training, conflict management and sports medicine. 

News from Tanzania:

UN-Habitat shares experiences from East Africa Cup

East Africa Cup has through the years become a great networking platform. More than 50 organizations were in different way engaged this y...
30.06.2015 | Ivar Christiansen

NPA Engages Youth on Sports for Peace Building

Over fifty South Sudanese youth under-16 are slated to participate in the East African Cup (EAC) this week under the arrangements of Norw...
24.06.2014 | Waakhe Simon Wudu

East Africa Cup: “Sports Unifying Youth in South Sudan”

Participation of South Sudanese teams in the East African Cup (EAC) to promote unity among youth from the country’s diverse ethnicities t...
19.06.2014 | Tamama Mansfield