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Partners for development cooperation in Zimbabwe

African Institute for Agrarian Studies (Aias) is an independent research institute that undertakes political lobbying work within the field of land and natural resources, doing so by means of research, dialogue, training and the distribution of information. Aias works alongside various organizations and authorities, helping them to build up their capacity for political formulation and research. They also enable dialogue between authorities, academia, civil society and others in relation to land and agriculture issues but with a particular focus on land rights for marginalized groups. Aias works at three levels: regional, national and international.

Chitsanza Development Association is an organization with more than 5,600 members. It works in Nyanga in the east of Zimbabwe and its overriding purpose is to give women and girls the opportunity of improving their social and economic status in the local environment. CHIDA also works to promote youth participation and the control and sustainable use of natural resources. CHIDA is active at the local community level.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association is a membership-based grass roots organization with over 200,000 active members across the country. ZimRights’ primary objectives are to promote, protect and defend human rights through networking, training, publications, legal advice and lobbying. The organization not only works nationally, but also at the regional level.

Wadzanai Community Development Trust is a community-based organization whose target group is the women, men and youth of Chinamhora. Women are encouraged to participate actively in political and economic activities and to assume leading positions in the local community. However, the trust’s work to promote access to, and control of, natural resources is even more important. Wadzanai works in 10 different local communities covering an area of about 1,500 sq. km. and with a population of around 72,000 people.

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association is a membership-based association established in 2002 in response to the shrinking economy and then total collapse of formal industrial and business structures following the economic structural adjustment programs. The association’s target group is those working in the informal sector and it runs information campaigns to increase this group’s awareness of their rights. ZCIEA works at the national level.