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Development cooperation in Cambodia

Development cooperation in Cambodia

Norwegian People’s Aid supports local organizations working for increased participation in the political debate.

NPA has so far focused on four thematic areas: Democratisation and Rights, Land and Resource Rights, Accountability and Good Governance, and Women Participation.

Democratic space and freedom in Cambodia is limited, especially in the lead up to and aftermath of the 2018 election. Appropriation of land is common, and many people experience being forcefully removed from their homes. This happens throughout the country, from rural areas to the capital Phnom Penh. There are many reports of illegal concessions in relation to large-scale timber production and mining activities.

Faced with these challenges, NPA has pledged to work with local partners for a more just distribution of the country's wealth. We work with organisations who share our broad goal of democratisation and just distribution of resources and those who organise people.


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