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Development cooperation in Cambodia

Development cooperation in Cambodia

Norwegian People’s Aid supports local organizations working for increased participation in the political debate.

Appropriation of land through forced removal is a big problem throughout the entire country, from rural districts to the heart of the capital Phnom Penh. The number of reports about such matters is a cause for concern, and still more reports are coming in from the North-Eastern part of the country toward the areas abutting Laos and Vietnam. There are reports of illegal concessions relating to large-scale timber production, mining activities, gambling casinos and tourist industry.

Faced with these challenges, Norwegian People’s Aid has pledged to work with local partners for a more just distribution of the country's wealth. We have increased our support of partners engaged in furthering democratic participation and the fair distribution of natural resources.

News from Cambodia:

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Farming or tourism?

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14.05.2013 | Meas Sopheareak, Development Program Coordinator NPA Cambodia

Humanitarian Disarmament in Cambodia

From mid 1960s until late 1998 Cambodia was affected by protracted internal and regional conflicts that left a legacy of landmines , cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war ( ERW ).