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Humanitarian Disarmament in Cambodia

Humanitarian Disarmament  in Cambodia

From mid 1960s until late 1998 Cambodia was affected by protracted internal and regional conflicts that left a legacy of landmines , cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war ( ERW ).

The north-west region of Cambodia bordering with Thailand was heavily affected by landmines and other ERW contamination. The Eastern region of the country was mainly affected by aerial bombardment as a result of the US-Vietnam war, leaving large areas contaminated by cluster munitions and other ERW. The post conflict has resulted in a large number of civilian casualties and effectively prohibited access to land and resources. The exact extent of contamination is not yet known, however, several hundred people fall victim to explosive objects every year. The vast majority of the total casualties are civilians and some 35 % of the civilian casualties are children.

MBT : state party; clearance deadline: 1 January 2020.

CCM : not a state party.

Norwegian People's Aid's (NPA) Humanitarian Disarmament started in Cambodia in 1992- as NPAs first Humanitarian Disarmament effort. In January 2007, upon request by Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA), NPA initiated the project called Empowering CMAA with the objective to assist the national authority and local operators in the process of analysing and using Humanitarian Disarmament data. NPA also has its own operations today and is working on implementing several projects, including an MDD/EDD training project.

News from Cambodia:

Ambassador Brattskar concludes field visit to Thailand and Cambodia

In what constitutes his first trip as president of the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT), Ambassador Hans Brattskar visited Cambodia and Thailand to...
20.12.2018 | NPA Thailand & NPA Cambodia

New NPA Dog Training Centre opens in Cambodia

NPA is delighted to announce that a new Dog Training Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia was officially opened on 6 May 2016.  The Dog Tra...
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Cambodia mine action programme completes EOD training course

NPA Mine Action Cambodia completed on Friday a six-week long course in EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) in Kampong Chhnang. 
18.11.2013 | Rafaela Stalbalk

NPA awarded By The Royal government of Cambodia

Cambodian Prime Minister HE Hun Sen awarded NPA for outstanding support to the Royal government of Cambodia from1992 to 2012.
10.04.2013 | Victoria Uwonkunda


NPA’s presence in Cambodia dates from 1992 with the first deminers deployed to the North-West under UN auspices. This marked Norwegian People’s Aids first Humanitarian Disarmament intervention ever.

NPA has released more than 34 million (m²) (the size of 6,353 football fields) of suspected land for safe use to date.

Over 44,000 people have been reported to have been injured by mines/ERW in Cambodia; the numbers are likely to be greater.

Development cooperation in Cambodia

Norwegian People’s Aid supports local organizations working for increased participation in the political debate.