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Mon Women’s Organization (MWO)

The Mon Women’s Organization (MWO) was established in 1984 as a women’s unit, working with young women on the Thai-Burma border. The aim is to provide for needs of women in refugee camps and started women empowerment and community development in 1992 as expending its activities to the wider community after the ceasefire agreement between New Mon State Party and Myanmar Government. MWO is working on community development inside Burma with a focus on awareness rising and empowerment programs especially for women and children. Mission statement of MWO is “To empower women to have general knowledge, to have women occupying leadership roles, to have better livelihoods and rights to end discrimination against women in Mon areas until the rights of women are fully guaranteed in Burma/Myanmar”. MWO implemented different activities and project for both man and women in the target area in order to share and promote knowledge on gender equality.