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The Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA)

MATA is a national network comprised of over 518 civil society organizations and individuals from all of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions. MATA’s primary focus is accountability and transparency in natural resource government in Myanmar. MATA formed out of a need for a civil society voice in the implementation of the EITI process following the commitment from the then President’s commitment to join it in 2013. MATA has been major player in facilitating talks between the government, businesses and the civil society stakeholders it represents.

It has played a strong role in training regional communities in the understanding of legislation, practical skills such as report writing, computer and negotiation skills. The regional groups that make up the MATA network also attended training on their rights and how to advocate productively. They issue information requests to government and business in a proficient manner. MATA’s advocacy and consultative work with relevant stakeholders has led to the improvement of numerous laws relating to the preservation of Myanmar’s beautiful natural resources. It has led to increased accountability measures for businesses operating in logging, mining and oil and gas. MATA has also been a major contributor to the increased dialogues between Ethnic Armed Organizations and the communities in which they operate to discuss issues related to natural resources.