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After the end of the American War (1975), Vietnam suffered from over a decade of political isolation, collectivization, and low economic growth. From the mid-80s’ progressive economic reforms (doi moi) were introduced launching Vietnam as one of the ‘small’ asian tigers with one of the fastest and most consolidated growth in the region.

Development cooperation in Vietnam

Norwegian People's Aid supports local organizations who work with Natural Resource Management and redistribution of resources in connection with foreign investments.

Humanitarian Disarmament in Vietnam

As a consequence of the Vietnam War, and the conflicts with China and Cambodia in the 70’s, Vietnam is heavily contaminated by explosive remnants of war ( ERW ), mainly unexploded ordnance ( UXO ).

News from Vietnam:

Meet some of the explosive detection dogs on trial in Vietnam, sniffing out explosive remnants of war.

Meet some of the impressive Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD), and their expert handlers, who are currently sniffing out cluster munition re...
17.11.2015 |

NPA teams safely remove and destroy two 500-pound aircraft bombs found in A Shau Valley near Hue City, Vietnam

This week, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team of Norwegian People’s Aid Vietnam’s Explosive Remnants of War Risk Reduction Projec...
05.11.2015 |

US Ambassador to Vietnam visits NPA Cluster Munition Remnant Survey (CMRS) operations in Quang Tri Province

This week, US Ambassador to Vietnam, His Excellency Ambassador Ted Osius, visited NPA's Cluster Munition Remnant Survey (CMRS) operations...
18.08.2015 | Lucy Pinches


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