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Development cooperation in Vietnam

Development cooperation in Vietnam

Up until 2016 Norwegian People's Aid supported local organizations who work with Natural Resource Management and redistribution of resources in connection with foreign investments.

Local organizations supported by NPA have already been able to establish themselves as critical and constructive actors in processes of redistribution of natural resources. NPA has supported the organizations of local communities managing rain forest in North Vietnam and their claim for re-mapping and safeguard the collective land allocations.

Another sector of engagement for NPA is the enhancement of the formal and informal space for civil society organizations to operate and to engage with institutions as well as with the private sector.

Economic liberalization and growth have not been paralleled by consistent political and social reforms. This has created pockets of poverty and inequality as well as a general restriction of freedoms and participation.

During the last decade, steps have been made by the Government to accommodate the voices of small organization and groups expressing constructive criticisms to government policies both at local and national levels.

Supporting social and political correctives to the economic growth of Vietnam will inevitably have an impact on the whole region, first and foremost on Cambodia and Laos. Clear examples could be found in logging, mining, hydropower, and rubber production.

NPA Vietnam closed Development Cooperation in June 2016.

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Humanitarian Disarmament in Vietnam

As a consequence of the Vietnam War, and the conflicts with China and Cambodia in the 70’s, Vietnam is heavily contaminated by explosive remnants of war ( ERW  ), mainly unexploded ordnance ( UXO  ).