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Partners in Bolivia

The national farmers' organization (Confederacion Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia-CSUTCB) was established in 1979 and is one of the largest social organizations, with regional and local branches throughout the country. They work to strengthen popular organizations and their influence in the preparation of laws and national development policies.

Management of natural resources such as gas, soil and water, indigenous rights and the strengthening of democratic development are central. The Indian Farmers Movement supports President Evo Morales and his government. Unlike previously, the indigenous population are now well represented in the National Assembly. Norwegian People's Aid has cooperated with CSUTSB since 2005, but the cooperation with the county organization in Cochabamba FSUTCC started already in the period 1985-1993. Norwegian People's Aid also supports county organizations of the National Peasant Movement in Cochabamba (FSUTCC), Chuquisaca (FUTPOCH) and Santa Cruz (FSUTCAT-SC).

The national women farmers’ organization “Bertolina Sisa” (Federación Nacional de Mujeres Campesinas, Indígenas y Originarias de Bolivia ”Bertolina Sisa”(CNMCOIB BS) is also part of the national farmers’ organization (CSUTCB). Bartolina Sisa’s aim is to organize indigenous women farmers and promote their rights. They work with leadership training and information work to strengthen women’s influence in society and stop violence against women. The organization is represented in the National Assembly.

NPA has worked with Bertolina Sisa since 2005, and also supports the district organization of Bartolina Sisa in Cochabamba (FDMCOIC- BS) and Santa Cruz (FDMCSC-BS).

CUECA, Urban Collective for Change, is made up by persons and small groups of intellectuals, artists, and urban social leaders that decided to organize and build alliances with other organization in favor of the change process in Bolivia. They have created spaces for reflection and debate about central issues of the Bolivian process through TV and radio programs that have been supported by NPA.

CUECA has been an NPA partner since 2008.

CEPRA (Centro de Producción Radiofónica)

NINA Program is a management development and political training program for Bolivia's indigenous and peasant organizations. It was established in 1989 and is part of UNITAS (Unión Nacional de institución para el Trabajo de Acción Social), a network of organizations working for social change. NINA has helped develop hundreds of leaders in various organizations and political arenas (local councils, parliament, and even President Morales). NINA promotes gender equality and women's participation in training programs and addressing violence against women. Norwegian People's Aid cooperation with NINA began in 2005. The support goes to leadership development and the alternative station Radio Sank'a.

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