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In Colombia, NPA works with Humanitarian Demining (HD) and Development Cooperation (DHC).

Regarding its work in HD, NPA aims to decrease the anti-personal mine contamination that results from over 50 years of conflict with non-state armed groups (  NSAG  ).

On the other hand, concerning the DHC area, NPA works with development partners such as ONIC, ANZORC and CNA in order to increase their capacity to influence the peace and development process in Colombia.


Development Cooperation in Colombia

Norwegian People's Aid's partners in Colombia work with Indigenous rights, land distribution and marginalized groups.

Humanitarian Disarmament in Colombia

According to The Landmine Cluster Munition Monitor, and compared to 2017, the number of casualties in Colombia increased significantly in 2018. The trend for 2019 is also concerning. As of March of 2019, according to national authorities, there has been eight victims from mine explosion. Which means that, on average, one person is stepping on a mine every 15 days.


The contamination in Colombia results from decades of conflict with non-state armed groups (  NSAG  ).

It is believed that landmines in Colombia are dispersed throughout 28 of the country’s 32 departments (states); and all of those anti-personal mines are artisanal, which poses a bigger challenge in the process of finding and clearing them.

1,4 million people is indigenous out of a population of approximately 43 million

Colombia has the fifth largest indigenous population in America

There are 102 different indigenous groups in the country.

More than half of the indigenous population live in autonomous lands called "Resguardo indigenas" (indigenous reserve), where they can exercise autonomy in accordance with their own traditions and their own culture