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Process of Black Communities - PCN was established in 1993 and is an Afro-Colombian network with more than 100 local organizations, local committees and individuals. There are various estimates of the proportion of the population who are Afro-Colombians, ranging from 10.6 % to 25 %. Most are located along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Coast. PCN has played a central role in developing the implementation of Law 70 (1993) which commits the government to protect Afro-Colombians traditional territories, cultural identity and civil rights, and promoting economic development.

The Local Committees are recognized by law as the highest authority for the internal administration of the territories. They overlook the common property and the environment, protection of cultural rights and the process to ensure collective soil joints. The total collective Afro-Colombian territories is about  5.1 million hectares. In many areas it is land conflicts between Afro-Colombians, indigenous peoples and small farmers. PCN is associated with Peoples' Congress. Norwegian People's Aid has cooperated with PCN since 2012