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Development Cooperation Partners in Cuba

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Centre (CMMLK) is a national organization with volunteers. The organization facilitates reflection, public information, communications and promoting international solidarity. Former participants to their political training have formed a national network of teachers in most provinces of the country, who offer political training and chair local development processes. CMMLK has close links to other social movement organizations in Latin America. They have incorporated a gender policy to secure equality rights for women and men in their approach. The cooperation between NPA and the CMMLK began in 1996

Group for the Integral Development of the Capital (GDIC) is linked to the Institute for physical planning. They advise provincial and local authorities in Havana on sustainable, urban politics with participation. Since 188 GDIC has advised 20 local groups on organizing in order to improve living conditions, including environment, housing, water and cultural activities, in their neighbourhood. NPA has supported GDIC and the groups since 1994.

The National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) is a national social organisation with hundred thousands of members, including women and men from agriculture cooperatives. Several members have in recent years been awarded state land. ANAP defends farmers’ economic and social interests in regards to the state, and has been a pioneer in introducing sustainable agriculture to Cuba. ANAP has gradually introduced a strategy for equality on national and local level. NPA has cooperated with the organization since 1994 and contributed to organizational strengthening of ANAP.

The Cuban Association for Animal Production (ACPA) is an NGO that groups together more than 32,000 technicians, from all over the country, working on animal breeding and sustainable agriculture. The organization has been central in the process to shift from sugarcane production to food production in the Basic Units for Cooperative Production (UBPCs). NPA’s cooperation with ACPA started in 2003. From 2012 the cooperation has been concentrated in Villa Clara. ACPA is concerned about securing women’s rights and an equality perspective in their work. Several of their board members are women, including the president.

Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF) is an NGO working to promote reforestation and urban agriculture. The association has 24,980 professionals affiliated, 1,929 in the base organization and 2,441 institutional partners. They support local agrarian development, reducing vulnerability in connection with natural disasters. The cooperation with NPA started in 2006, both at national level and in Havana.

Villa Clara University (UVC)/ Network of Universities for Local Development. Members of the Faculties of Economics and Social Sciences of the Villa Clara University have for many years advised provincial and municipal governments in their relations with local development and training different actors. UVC is part of a network, led by the University of Havana, with four provincial universities. NPA has worked with all of them since 1996.