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ECUARUNARI (Confederation of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador) was constituted in 1972, and works for the unity, strengthening, and reconstruction of the Kichwa nationality peoples and campesinos of the Ecuadorian Sierra (highlands). It applies the principles ofama shwa (no robbing), ama killa (no lying), andama llulla (no idleness) in order to transform society and the State socially, economically, and politically towards a true democracy. It denounces exclusion and racism and promotes identity and autonomy as mechanisms towards real inter-culturality. Ecuarunari prioritizes natural resources; together with other rural-based organizations (eg: campesinos of the Coast), it insists on a national agrarian agenda that will advance redistribution of land, stop privatization of water, and benefit campesino people and indigenous communities.

Cooperation between NPA and CONAIE-ECUARUNARI began in 1994. In the period 2012-2015, the cooperation will prioritize the national and regional organizations and provincial affiliates that help strengthen and consolidate CONAIE and ECUARUNARI. The internal strengthening of the organizations will continue to be the core of the support.