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Development Cooperation Partners in El Salvador

Comandos de Salvamento is a membership organization with 33 local groups across El Salvador. The organisation's activities include disaster preparedness, preventive health care and rescue services, and general health services. The volunteers are mainly young people. Comandos participate in a broad alliance of social movements, including strengthening of women’s participation and equality. There is an exchange between youth in Comandos and Norwegian People’s Aid.

Asociación para el Desarrollo de El Salvador (CRIPDES) brings together over 300 local authorities in rural areas in seven of the country's fourteen provinces. The organization was established in 1984, during the civil war, to work with refugees and eventually with the refugees who returned to the country after the peace agreement. In recent years, CRIPDES has made efforts to promote the interests of the rural population, especially related to the protection of natural resources and access to land and infrastructure. They are very active partners in national associations. The work of women's rights and gender equality is high on their agenda.

Norwegian People's Aid started working with CRIPDES on the repatriation of refugees during the eighties and nineties. The cooperation was resumed in 2004.

Asociación Equipo Maíz (AEM) is an organization that enjoys wide recognition in El Salvador and in Central America in general, for its program for leadership development and production of teaching materials for political education. The teaching material, which is developed to analyze the Salvadoran community, includes a gender perspective and is used both in specific leadership development programs and public education in general. AEM works closely with the major social organizations in the country, including MPR12. Norwegian People's Aid's partnership began in 2007. For more information please see their website.

Movimiento Popular de Resistencia 12 de Octubre (MPR12) is a group of urban and rural organizations within the Salvadoran social movement; small scale farmer organizations; labor unions; and activist groups. Based on the members' demands, they work to achieve structural changes in the country. Norwegian People's Aid started working with this movement in 2005. Support is given to political education of leaders, locally and nationally, and to further develop and improve their external communication.

Asociación de Radios y Programas participativos de El Salvador (ARPAS) is a national association of 23 local radio stations and six production centers, founded in 1996. They produce news programs and other programs for use by member radio stations, and offer training. 75 percent of the employees in the affiliated local stations are under 25 years. Norwegian People's Aid started working with them in 2006, and the support is aimed at the political training of journalists and producers. Since 2000, Norwegian People's Aid has worked with Radio Izcanal , a member of ARPAS. Much of the work is aimed at, and run by, young people, and they have a strong focus on gender equality. For more information, see their website .

CAC is a grassroots organization with representatives from several communities in four municipalities in Cabañas province, north in the country. The organization was established in 2005 to fight against contaminated filling material being deposited in the community. From there, they have grown to be active in the resistance to open mining. They cooperate with other organizations in the country to protest against the metal mining, and fight for the right to live in healthy environment.

Norwegian People's Aid has supported their work for organizational development and training since 2006. Because of its resistance to the mining operations, four leaders of the organization were killed between 2009 and 2011. In 2011 they won the CAC Goldman Prize for their work.

Movimiento de Mujeres Melida Anaya Montes (MAM) is an organization that springs from the women's movement, and has close contact with many women's organizations at the grassroots level throughout El Salvador. The organization operates with professional lobbying, and promotes policies and proposals for new laws at the national level. MAM offers training of women in municipal councils, as well as training and advice on women's rights and gender equality policies in general. Norwegian People's Aid has worked with MAM since 1998.

Salvadoran Foundation for Local Development and Democracy (FUNDASPAD) is a think tank and an organization with extensive experience in legal consulting, local government, political training for managers in member organizations, the development of municipal development plans, and the organization of the National People's Movement. Norwegian People's Aid has worked with FUNDASPAD since 1996 and supports the work of organizing, political training at the municipal level, and the development of a collaborative platform for the national people's movement.