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Norwegian People's Aid became actively involved in Lebanon following the Israeli invasion in 1982, starting out with emergency relief, physical rehabilitation and vocational training to improve the living standard of Palestinian refugees and other impoverished Lebanese. Today the program also focuses on support to local organizations promoting the rights of the Palestinian refugees and especially vulnerable groups, the rights of women and youth to participate, and combating violence against women. NPA continues to advocate for a solution for the refugees on the basis of UN Resolution 194.

More recently, NPA became involved in cluster clearance In Lebanon after the latest war in 2006. The conflict only lasted 33 days, however, more than 1 million cluster bombs were dropped over Lebanon and close to 300 civilians have been killed or injured by cluster bombs since. Clusters occupy large portions of arable land and NPA mine action removes these clusters in order for there to be a free and unhindered movement of people and productive use of land.



The civil war in Lebanon lasted from 1975 to 1990

1.1 million Syrian refugees have arrived in Lebanon in addition to about 500,000 people who are not formally registered refugees