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Partners for development cooperation i Lebanon

Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL), founded in 1976, works with democratic forces in order to achieve full equality between gender, on the basis of the international pacts and treaties.

See RDFL's website for more information.

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Election (LADE), founded in 1996, aims at improving the Lebanese electoral system and reinforcing the fair and democratic practice of parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon. LADE's goals are: to improve the Lebanese electoral laws in compliance with international standards, to increase voter awareness and commitment to their electoral rights and duties, and to monitor elections and insure its fair application based on the Lebanese regulations and laws.

See LADE's website for more information.

National Association for the Rights of Disabled People (NARD) is a Lebanese association specialized in advocacy and lobbying for the rights of disabled people in Lebanon.

Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD) started operating the Environmental Health Project in Shatila in 1983 as a response to the acute lack of environmental services and first aid services. It later expanded its activities to include the Palestinian displaced refugees residing in the displacement centers in Sabra area and Southern gathering. PARD has a good reputation and history of work has allowed it to develop deep community roots with the residents of Shatila.

For more information, see PARD's website .

The General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW) was established in 1965 as a body within the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The main goal of GUPW, since its establishment, has been to mobilize women within Palestinian communities to participate in various social, economic and political processes, which contribute to their development.

Association Najdeh (Najdeh) was founded in 1976. Their mission is to empower women and children, the most disadvantaged elements of the refugee community, with the tools necessary to a more-participatory role in their community economically, socially and educationally in order to contribute to the development of the overall Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon. Najdeh provides a core program of social, psychological, educational, economic, and advocacy.

For more information, see their website .

Aidoun was founded in Lebanon in 1999 and works for the realization of the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland. See Aidoun's website for more information.

Human Development Centre (HDC) was launched by Lebanese and Palestinian lawyers in 1999 with the aim of having a better Palestinian community run by justice and human equality; where people enjoy their rights according to the international standards, charters and conventions recognized internationally human rights.

National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT), also called Beit Atfal al-Sumud, was established in 1976, as an initiative of PLO. Their mission is to contribute to the development of the economic and social conditions for Palestinian refugees’ families.

See NISCVT's website for more information.

The National Association for Vocational Training & Social Services (NAVTSS), established in 1983, seeks to enhance the Palestinian Youth and increase employment through vocational training programs and raising social and educational awareness amidst the Palestinian communities.

Palestinian Student Fund (PSF) is a non-political, non-profit, philanthropic organization. It was founded in Lebanon in 1973 by a group of leading business and educational professionals with the objective of assisting underprivileged Palestinian students to attain a college education.

See PST's website for more information.

Youth for Development is an organization established in 2008 to run vocational training centers aiming to provide Palestinian youth with education that will increase their possibility of finding work in and outside Lebanon.

Palestinian Disability Forum (PDF) is a local network that involves all the organizations and groups working with disability among Palestinians in Lebanon. PDF plays an important role in coordinating the work of its 18 member organizations and plays a major role in advocating for Palestinian disabled rights.

Mousawat Association is an organization established in 2008. Their aim is to be fully responsible for running NPA’s disability center that provides rehabilitation services to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Health Care Society (HCS) was founded in 1997. Its mission is to improve the health conditions of the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon by providing them with part of cost of surgery and hospitalization, providing free kidney dialysis services for patients with kidney failure, providing some medications and medical supplies, and providing health education sessions to raise health awareness.

See HCS' website for more information.