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Humanitarian Disarmament in Lebanon

Humanitarian Disarmament in Lebanon

Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) became actively involved in Lebanon following the Israeli invasion in 1982. NPA initiated with emergency relief, physical rehabilitation and, vocational training.

In 2006, more than 1 million cluster munitions were fired into South Lebanon. This resulted in hundreds of civilians being killed and more than 2,000 being injured, and huge areas of land becoming unusable. NPA Humanitarian Disarmament has been working in South Lebanon, clearing the land contaminated with cluster munitions since 2007.

MBT : not a state party

CCM : state party; clearance deadline: 2020

After the liberation of South Lebanon, NPA and local partners launched a Landmine Victim Assistance ( VA ) and a Mine Risk Education ( MRE ) Program in Lebanon in 2001.Currently, NPA operates with a number of Battle Area Clearance Teams ( BAC ) in South Lebanon. NPA also assists Lebanon Mine Action Centre (LMAC) in manual clearance methods, as well as mine risk education and mine victims assistance activities. NPAs operational approach ensures that the focus is on the actual threat, deploying manual assets to the areas where there is actual contamination.NPA’s Humanitarian Disarmament programme has released thousands of square metres of land for safe use and destroyed over 7000 cluster munitions since 2007 with its BAC teams.

News from Lebanon:

Lebanon’s contamination legacy - 10 years later

10 years later, Lebanon’s legacy of landmine and cluster munition contamination is still affecting the lives of the Lebanese people. 
24.03.2017 | Hassan Hamzeh , Rachana Atmeh

EU continue mine action support in South Lebanon

On the 15th of June 2016 a delegation from the European Union (EU) Beirut visited the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Humanitarian Disarmame...
07.10.2016 |

Japanese embassy visit areas with heavy mine contamination

Japanese Assistance to Grass Roots Project visit to Norwegian People’s Aid Humanitarian Disarmament programme in the South of Lebanon
07.10.2016 |

Accident injures two NPA staff

Two NPA staff injured during clearance of unexploded cluster munitions in South Lebanon
16.01.2014 | Rafaela Stalbalk

Fast facts

In addition to the Humanitarian Disarmament project, NPA has a Young Empowerment programme, Aid and Emergency programme and a Human rights programme.

There are almost 4000 recorded victims of landmines, cluster munitions, and other explosive remnants of war in Lebanon according tothe Landmine Monitor.

NPA Mine Action started its BAC program in Lebanon in September 2006 aiming at assisting local authorities in eliminating the risk of injury and death from unexploded cluster munitions threatening south Lebanese communities, as well as enabling communities to restore their livelihoods.


Development cooperation in Lebanon

Norwegian People’s Aid started its work in solidarity with the Palestinian refugees in Shatila refugee camp and the surrounding Sabra area after the Israeli invasion in 1982.