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Partners in Palestine

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations Network (PNGO) was founded in 1993 and is an umbrella organization for civil society organizations working with social issues, development and rights. PNGO has a vision to promote democracy and develop and strengthen Palestinian civil society. PNGO’s principles are based on democracy, social justice and sustainable development. Member organizations do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, sex or age. PNGO has 127 member organizations in Gaza and the West Bank and is an active advocate both nationally and internationally in promoting Palestinians’ rights.

For more information, see PNGO's website .

Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) is a non-profit NGO that works in the field of education and social work by providing counseling services in conflict resolution to individuals, families and communities. PCDCR also works to promote and encourage citizens' participation in decision-making.

Since 2007, Norwegian People’s Aid has worked with PCDCR to raise awareness about violence against women by giving individual assistance to women who are victims of violence, arranging courses and seminars and using radio and other media. PCDCR also works with education of therapists and setting up Family Forum, where separated husband and wife can meet with their children in a safe place. An open helpline for those exposed to violence has been set up on the West Bank, and there are plans for a similar initiative on the Gaza Strip, combined with direct follow-up and assistance.

PCDCR also puts pressure on the Palestinian National Authority to improve legislation in relation to women’s rights.

For more information, see PCDCR's website .

Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) was founded in 1986, when the Israeli occupation was direct and Palestine had no independent authority. UAWC fights for Palestinian farmers’ rights and the rights of the Palestinian population under occupation where land and water resources have been confiscated. The organization works both to influence opinion and to mobilize committees in local communities to fight for Palestinian farmers’ rights, and runs projects to make the best possible use of land and to utilize land in areas vulnerable to confiscation.

For more information, see the UAWC’s website.

Students' Forum Institute (SF) is a student organization established in 2004 by a group of students in Bethlehem. The organization works closely with the student councils in the universities of the town. SF is a membership-run organization with 350 volunteers. Norwegian People’s Aid has been working with SF since 2005 on initiatives to promote young people’s rights and active participation.

For more information, see Student Forum's website .

General Union of Cultural Centres (GUCC) is a non-governmental organization established in Gaza in 1997. It was initiated by some cultural centers as an umbrella organization to be responsible for developing the capacity of cultural centers. GUCC works to ensure democracy by strengthening civil society organizations and broadening grassroots participation.

Today, GUCC represents 52 cultural centers in Gaza Strip. These centers have thousands of affiliated members of youth, women, and children who are benefiting the GUCC and its network’s programs and activities. GUCC provides democratic platforms and forums, free thought and opinion, exchange ideas, conferences, exhibitions, training workshops, researches, youth exchange and public opinion polls.

The Democracy and Workers’ Rights Centre in Palestine (DWRC) started its activities in 1993-94 in Ramallah, West Bank, by providing legal aid to Palestinian workers in the Israeli and Palestinian labor markets, as well as raising their awareness of their rights. In 1996, DWRC also established a branch office in Gaza to extend the geographical scope of its activities to the Gaza Strip. The aim of the organization is to ”Build a Palestinian society where peace, democracy, human rights, fundamental liberties and social justice reign supreme among its political, social and cultural principles.”

For more information, see DWRC's website .

Al- Tawasol Forum Society is a non-governmental non-profit organization. It was established in 1993 due to the need of the camp rehabilitation services and other programs for women and children. It works in order to bring about positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged children from the age of 4-18 years. The aim is to create a sound educational environment focusing on children's rights to strengthen a sense of belonging, security and self-confidence, and the capacity for sound decision-making. The vision of Al-Tawasol Forum Society is to create a generation of youth leadership that is able to participate in the decision-making and community building, and able to determine future trends with confidence and reliability.

For more information, see Al-Tawasol Forum Society’s website .

Arab Centre for Agricultural Development (ACAD) is a Palestinian non-profit non-governmental organization. ACAD is specialized in Micro-Credit and offers Business Support Services to the poor and low-income Palestinian producers. The main objective of the center is to promote self-sustaining employment and income generation in the agricultural sector and rural areas and to participate in building a strong Palestinian economy through financing micro-enterprises, and to empower farmers in order to guarantee their rights

For more information, see ACAD's website .

Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) is a Palestinian independent organization established in 2007 to defend the rights of Palestinian living in East-Jerusalem. It works through provision of legal services and by using research and publication to document human rights violation and for advocacy. The aim is to ensure the political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian population in East-Jerusalem. Norwegian People’s Aid started working with Al-Maqdese in 2011 to promote and ensure the rights of Palestinian in East-Jerusalem working in the Israeli labor market.

For more information, see Al-Maqdese website .

The Union of Palestinian Women Committees Society (UPWC) was founded in 1980 to empower Palestinian women and contribute to the Palestinian national struggle against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. UPWC is a progressive women mass-based organization with 6000 members in the West Bank and Gaza. The main objectives of UPWC are to contribute in the national struggle to establish an independent Palestinian State, by empowering women on all levels (social, political, economic, and cultural levels). UPWC works to motivate women to participate in decision-making. UPWC coordinates with other organizations to form a unified women movement to lobby decision-makers and legislators to issue modern civil laws to ensure women’s rights.

For more information, see UPWC’s website .