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Development Cooperation in Syria

Development Cooperation in Syria

Norwegian People's Aid works in Syria in cooperation with local partners who provide humanitarian aid inside the country. We also work together with Syrian civil society organisations.

Norwegian People’s Aid has a long-established presence in the region with development programs in Lebanon and Iraq and a mine-clearance program in Jordan. We have worked with the conflict in Syria since 2012. We are currently engaged in both humanitarian aid in collaboration with our partners and in ongoing cooperation with civil society organizations. We provide both food distribution, cash transfers and livelihoods support and support to protection activities.

In Lebanon, we assist refugees from Syria, focusing on Palestinian and Syrian refugees who have sought refuge in the Palestinian refugee camps there and on Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley. We have provided food, toiletries, clothes and equipment for the winter.

Training programs for people active in Syrian civil society have been organized in collaboration with our partners, providing courses on subjects to do with human rights and democracy, organizational development and mobilization of local communities.


News from Syria:

Syrian civil society condemns Turkey and demands international action

100 Syrian regional and international civil society organisations condemns the Turkish attack and destabilisation of safe regions in Syria.
11.10.2019 | Torunn Aaslund

Improving livelihoods one cow at a time

In North East Syria, people who were victims of ISIS struggle to sustain their livelihood. A program distributing fodder for livestock is...
13.03.2019 | Sara Hamdy

How life changed to a nightmare in an instant

A previously wealthy Syrian couple is trying to scrape by in a camp in Lebanon. Vouchers from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), has given foo...
05.10.2015 |

1,650 families in Aleppo receive monthly food baskets

Aleppo continues to be one of the most dangerous places for Syrian civilians. This spring, Norwegian People’s Aid and partner organizatio...
01.06.2015 | Julie Offerdal

An archive of the war

When the uprising in Syria began, the number of newspapers and publications within the country rose from 3 to several hundred. In order t...
06.05.2015 | Julie Strand Offerdal

Civil society in Syria keeps the wheels turning

After decades of a strict and brutal regime, few people in Syria had any real degree of knowledge concerning civil society and organisati...
23.04.2015 | Julie Offerdal


The Syrian conflict causes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today

6.2 million are internally displaced. 

5.3 million are registered refugees in neighboring countries

13 million are considered as People in Need

10.2 million live in the 1,980 communities reporting explosive hazard contamination

GBV is pervasive in the lives of women and girls

Humanitarian Disarmament in Syria

Syria is contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war ( ERW ). This is mainly due to the Arab-Israeli wars; unfortunately though, the current conflict has further contaminated Syria.