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Tender information


Q: What countries are covered by the MFA Multi-year agreement?

A: The country programs covered by the MFA agreement are: Bosnia & Herzegovina; Cambodia; Colombia; DR Congo; Iraq; Lao PDR; Lebanon; Mozambique; Myanmar: Peru; Somalia; South Sudan; Tajikistan; Thailand; Vietnam; Western Sahara; Zimbabwe.

Q: Are the country programs to be visited decided?

A: Although the actual programs to be visited will decided after selection of the team, they will most probably be within some of these geographical areas: South-East Asia, Middle East, Balkans and Central/Southern Africa.  

Q: Are other milestones than Final Draft in September crucial for the tender?

A: The most important date is to have Final Draft ready in September. Other milestones will be structured around around that.

Q: 25% of the evaluation is listed as price, is it correct to assume that this will only have to do with the personnel fee as it will not be clear until later which countries will be visited?

A: Costs to be quoted are personnel costs, and all other costs consultant have control over, but not those generated by the specific country visited

Q: There are no specific questions that NPA would like answered, but rather that these be guided by the OECD DAC criteria. Is this correct?

A: NPA wants the evaluation to help us understand if we reach our objectives, and will use the DAC criteria to guide this. Specific questions, esp related to certain specific country contexts may be result from discussions with the selected team