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  • Macedonia is a State Party to the MBT and the CCM.
  • MBT Article 5 clearance deadline: Completed. CCM
  • Article 3 stockpile destruction deadline: Completed.

During 2011, NPA met with a Macedonian government delegation and offered to assist Macedonia in its efforts to destroy its cluster munition stockpile through NPA's Self Help Ammunition Destruction Options Worldwide project. An NPA Verification and Feasibility Assessment to Macedonia was conducted in January 2012. Further to this, a Research and Development (R&D) phase for the destruction of the Macedonian stockpile of cluster munitions was conducted in April 2012. This was initiated and implemented as a cooperation between the Macedonian Ministry of Defence and NPA, and was a step in the direction of Macedonia completing the destruction of its stockpiles of cluster munitions and meeting its obligations under Article 3 of the CCM.

Finally, on the 25th October 2013 the last series of cluster munitions stockpiled by the Republic of Macedonia were destroyed at the demolition site in Krivolak.

The event was a culmination of cooperation between NPA and the Macedonian Ministry of Defense, where the goal was to destroy the stockpiles of cluster munitions held by the Republic of Macedonia by the end of October 2013. The 9 month project started in February 2013 and was financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Macedonian state budget.

The project has proven that states committed to destroying their stockpiles can do so with limited resources and that international support is available.