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Humanitarian Disarmament in Palau

Humanitarian Disarmament in Palau

The small island state of Palau is rank the third most affected country from explosive remnants of war (ERW) among the Pacific Island Nations as a result of WWII.

The land contamination are mainly on the island of Pelilu, which was the scene of a major battle, although unexploded ordinances (UXO) are found on the large island of Babeldaob and also around Koror. Underwater, UXO are contained in sunken ships or laying on the seabed. Although some survey work has been done in the past, there is not a ‘contamination map’ or data-base that contains all the known information.

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MBT  : state party; states that it does not possess antipersonnel mine stockpiles. No know or spsiected antipersonnel emplacements exists.

CCM  : state party.Does not possess a stockpile of cluster munitions, does not have production facilities, and has not retained any cluster munitions for training and research purposes


NPA conducted a planning and assessment visit to Palau in June 2015. During meetings with senior Government officials from the National UXO Advisory Committee, it was decided to hold a series of capacity building workshops with the Government, facilitated by NPA. The aim with the workshops was to support Palau development of a national UXO policy, a national UXO action plan, and draft national UXO standards.

NPA contracted Mr. Ian Mansfield, a UXO consultant to lead the workshops. The first workshop was hold in July 2015, the second in August 2015 and the third and final in January 2016. The process of develop the national UXO Policy and national UXO action plan is now completed and it is expected that the documents will be endorsed and approved by Palau President towards the end of 2016.

NPA is currently supporting Palau Safety Office in the drafting of the technical document Palau UXO standards, establishing a national UXO database for the purpose of coordinating survey and clearance effort of the remaining ERW contamination in the island state.


NPA started NTS operations on the 15th of September 2016, with the aim of completing all states by the end of March 2017.



Handing over UXO Leaflet in Ngermid Hamlet (village), Koror State, Palau.


Fast facts

Palau is contaminated with unexploded ordnance (UXO) dating back to World War II.

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