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  • Jordan is a State Party to the MBT.
  • It has not joined the CCM.
  • MBT Article 5 clearance deadline: Completed

In late 2005, Norwegian People Aid's (NPA) Humanitarian Disarmament Programme was initiated in Jordan, as the only humanitarian demining organization. The Jordanian government made an unyielding commitment to eliminate all landmines by 2012 in accordance with its Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) obligations.

On May 1st 2012, the NPA Humanitarian Disarmament Programme had completed the clearance of all mined areas along the Northern Border. Due to the topographies of the area, along with possible migrating mines due to several factors such as weather and human interference (smugglers) crossing the mined areas, NPA continued survey- and verification operations of suspected mined areas. The survey/verification activities were accomplished and the “residual risk” posed by possible migrating mines had been addressed.

On the 24th of April 2012, Jordan became the first country in the Middle East to meet the deadline set by the Mine-Ban Treaty and declare itself free of landmines.