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Privacy protection statement

Our privacy statement is currently being updated

This statement explains how your privacy is protected by the Norwegian People's Aid website .
By using this site you agree to this Statement .

Data Owner : Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)
Data Processing : NXC AS
NPA is responsible for the collection and use of personal information made in connection with the operation and maintenance of npaid.org . NXC is NPAs supplier for development,  operation and maintenance of the site npaid.org . Contractor uses a subcontractor ( s) : Amazon Cloud Services
It is only NPA and NXC (with subcontractors ) who have access to the information collected .
Web Analytics
Norwegian People's Aid collects site data using Google analytics.
Google Analytics uses cookies and receives only general web statistics, eg . browser, time , language, and which website the user came from .
In line with common practice on the Internet the site register user IP address. Received data are subject to Google's privacy policy.
We use cookies to help you browse in the most efficient way possible. Tools provided by a third party such as  Webtraffic , uses cookies to provide you with the right ad message in the ad placements based on your visits to this page and other pages. You can opt out of Webtraffics cookies by removing the ad cookies here: http://www.webtraffic.se/optout
The site stores the keywords used. This is to give our newsroom a better indication of what content is most relevant and thus sharpen the content further.
You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive news via e - mail. This information is stored in a separate database. Your information is only used to send you newsletters . If you choose to unsubscribe to remove your e-mail address.