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Join the Nobel Peace Prize Celebration!

Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director of ICAN and Setsuko Thurlow, survivor from Hiroshima, signing the Nobel Peace Prize protocol. Foto: Jo Straube for ICAN

Norwegian People's Aid is a proud member organisation of this years Nobel Peace Prize winner, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Wapons. Here are our suggestions to how you can participate in the celebration of ICAN and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Most of the events will take place in Oslo, but the ceremony itself will be streamed on YouTube (link will be added). The ceremony in Oslo City Hall starts at 13.00 on Sunday December 10th.

After the ceremony, we suggest that you don't miss out on the chance to see the critically acclaimed movie  «The Bomb».  This is a spectacular viewing that began its world tour at the Tribeca Film festival in 2016: It has also been shown at Glastonbury Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. The electronica band “The Acid" will be performing the score live during the viewing and we recommend all in the vicinity of Oslo and Rockefeller to come to this event on Sunday December 10th at 15.00.

From the movie viewing you can walk directly over to the annual  Torch Light Procession  in celebration of the Nobel Peace Prize and this year's winners, ICAN. The event will start at Jernbanetorget at 17.30 on December 10th, with music and appeals, before the procession starts at 18.15 and ends outside the Grand Hotel.

On the evening of Monday December 11th the annual  Peace Prize Concert  will be led by the British-Nigerian Actor David Oyelowo and among the artists will be John Legend and Sigrid.

On Tuesday December 12th this year's  Nobel Peace Prize exhibition  will open at the Nobel Peace Center.

Educate yourself!

There will also be several events where you can learn more about nuclear weapons and the ban, such as  “What if Oslo was no more? The impact of nuclear weapons"  on December 8th “A new treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons – content and possible effects"  on December 11th and the Peace Prize Nachspiel:  Nuclear disarmament – What now?