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EORE Puntland Somalia 2022

All of these factors are also visible in Puntland state, where civilians suffer from the negative impact of contamination stemming from wars and conflict over several years, often living amongst legacy minefields or EO stemming from violent battles, littering the border between Ethiopia and Somalia or Puntland and Somaliland for decades. The actual threat from EO has only been partially mapped in Puntland and more work remains to be done to identify the remaining contamination, although much work has been done to map its humanitarian impact.

In its 2021 extension request to the Article five extension committee, SEMA reported a national remaining contamination of 125 suspected and confirmed mined areas, covering an estimated total area of 16,200,000 square meters. However, an accurate survey of all known or suspected mined areas needs to be undertaken in the country to confirm these figures as previous efforts for a nationwide survey had proven difficult to undertake due to insecurity.

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