NPA work for people's land and resource rights.

Solidarity in Action!

NPA clear land of explosives and

make it safe to move around



International Parliamentary Appeal

Parliamentarians have a vital role to play in enhancing the protection of civilians in armed conflict. 
20.03.2019 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen

Barking heroes

While heroes are known to wear capes, our heroes comes with paws and wiggling tails.
14.03.2019 | Hala Amhaz

Improving livelihoods one cow at a time

In North East Syria, people who were victims of ISIS struggle to sustain their livelihood. A program distributing fodder for livestock is...
13.03.2019 | Sara Hamdy


25 years of protecting civilans

Norwegian People's Aid is celebrating 25 years of Mine Action
22.09.2017 |

Mozambique:Residual mines cleared

Norwegian People’s Aid is proud to announce that we have finished clearing mines at the Mozambique – Tanzania border. After more than 20...
27.06.2017 | Ingebjørg Sørenes

Mines are still maiming children in Tajikistan

Last month, two teenage boys were seriously injured in Tajikistan after trying to disassemble what appeared to be an anti-personal mine.
23.06.2017 | Alima Marodbekova