We clear mines for safe school roads and football fields

South Sudan

NPA provides relief aid to South Sudan



Norway should take active, driving role in fight to prohibit nuclear weapons

The political majority in the Norwegian Parliament Wednesday rallied around a message to foreign minister Børge Brende that Norway should...
28.05.2015 |

Kampala hosts East African Community countries on cluster bomb ban

(Kampala, 19 May 2015) Strong commitment to the global ban on cluster munitions was voiced during a meeting of East African Community (EA...
19.05.2015 | Amy Little

An archive of the war

When the uprising in Syria began, the number of newspapers and publications within the country rose from 3 to several hundred. In order t...
06.05.2015 | Julie Strand Offerdal

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Indigenous leader in Honduras wins "The Goldman Evironmental Prize"

In a country with growing socioeconomic inequality and human rights violations, Berta Cáceres rallied the indigenous Lenca people of Hond...
28.04.2015 | Helle Breggrav Hanssen

Civil society in Syria keeps the wheels turning

After decades of a strict and brutal regime, few people in Syria had any real degree of knowledge concerning civil society and organisati...
23.04.2015 | Julie Offerdal

Support to farmers gets food production up and running

The farmers in Gaza lost over six months of crops in the war that raged last summer. A Norwegian People's Aid partner organization is pro...
16.03.2015 | Julie Offerdal