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Achievements 2022

47 940
Explosives cleared
66.6 km2
Land released
584 951
19 countries

Mine Action Review

Mine Action Review is an independent research project, supported by NPA, that monitors and analyses survey and clearance of landmines and cluster munitions globally.

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Survey and Clearance

NPA clears landmines and cluster bombs left after war and conflict. Since we started up operations in 1992, we have cleared one billion square metres of land and removed over 2 million landmines and explosives in 45 countries. Read more...

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NPA is highly engaged in policy and advocacy work and civil society's push for international weapons treaties such as the Mine Ban Treaty, the Convention on Cluster Munitions and the Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. Read more...


Conflict Preparedness and Protection (CPP)

The use of explosive weapons in populated places causes extreme suffering. NPA empowers civilians with the tools and knowledge they need to be better prepared and protected. Read more...

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Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

NPA conducts Risk Education in mine-affected communities so that people can stay safe until land has been cleared. Risk Education allow people to live and work as safely as possible in the face of explosive weapons. Read more...

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Stockpile destruction

NPA assists states in the management and safe destruction of arms. Weapons and ammunition that are not properly secured and destroyed, can potentially have fatal consequences for civilians. Read more...

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Environmental Mainstreaming

NPA has taken the lead on environmental protection in the Mine Action and Disarmament sector, adopting new ways of working to minimize the environmental impact of survey and disposal methods. Read more...