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Israeli government repeats false accusations against Norwegian People’s Aid

The Israeli authorities have published a report repeating false accusations against Norwegian People’s Aid and other organisations critic...
24.01.2019 | Press release

Call for tenders: Researchers for Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) calls for tenders for senior research consultancy services for the production of Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor...
22.01.2019 |

Norway strengthening the work against landmines

Norway succeeds to the presidency of the Mine Ban Treaty in 2019. Norway’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Hans Brattskar, has been appoi...
08.01.2019 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen


25 years of protecting civilans

Norwegian People's Aid is celebrating 25 years of Mine Action
22.09.2017 |

Mozambique:Residual mines cleared

Norwegian People’s Aid is proud to announce that we have finished clearing mines at the Mozambique – Tanzania border. After more than 20...
27.06.2017 | Ingebjørg Sørenes

Mines are still maiming children in Tajikistan

Last month, two teenage boys were seriously injured in Tajikistan after trying to disassemble what appeared to be an anti-personal mine.
23.06.2017 | Alima Marodbekova