We clear mines for safe school roads and football fields

NPA provides relief aid to South Sudan



Good news from US Government in Laos

The US Government is providing an additional 90 million dollars for the removal of cluster munitions in Laos over the next three years. -...
08.09.2016 | Ingebjørg Sørenes

Norwegian People's Aid congratulates the Colombian people on the peace agreement

It is very encouraging that the parties in Colombia have reached a peace agreement. The agreement gives us hope that we will finally see...
25.08.2016 |

Shortage of water affects food security for home gardening Palestinians at the West Bank

Since the start of June 2016, tens of thousands of Palestinians at the West Bank has been suffering the harsh effects of drastic cuts in...
22.08.2016 | Khalil Zaquot

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South Sudanese women crafting a future together

“The money I am earning here makes it possible for me to support my family. It takes away the feeling of death, or starving to death”, sa...
20.05.2016 | Julie Offerdal

Villagers demand to be heard in mine development project

When the people of Kyauk Kyi township in Myanmar discovered that their local government had approved a mining project on 70,000 acres of...
03.03.2016 | Julie Offerdal

Local produced seeds to boost farm yields in South Sudan.

Genuine and easily accessible seeds are vital in boosting farms yields and increase in food production for smallholder farmers in South S...
01.03.2016 | By Tamama Norbert Mansfield