We clear mines for safe school roads and football fields

NPA provides relief aid to South Sudan



Ecuador earthquake: Comandos de Salvamento participates in rescue efforts

A team from NPA partner organization Comandos de Salvamento has arrived in Ecuador to assist national authorities in search and rescue ef...
19.04.2016 | Julie Offerdal

Ecuador earthquake: Death tolls continue to rise

Death tolls continue to rise after the earthquake that hit Ecuador Saturday night.
18.04.2016 | Julie Offerdal

Women Groups key in improving livelihood in South Sudan

Empowering women groups to play more roles in small-scale agriculture production would improve the livelihoods of families and contribute...
18.03.2016 | By Tamama Norbert Mansfield

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Villagers demand to be heard in mine development project

When the people of Kyauk Kyi township in Myanmar discovered that their local government had approved a mining project on 70,000 acres of...
03.03.2016 | Julie Offerdal

Local produced seeds to boost farm yields in South Sudan.

Genuine and easily accessible seeds are vital in boosting farms yields and increase in food production for smallholder farmers in South S...
01.03.2016 | By Tamama Norbert Mansfield

Number of female MPs double after Myanmar election

After the Myanmar election, the number of women members of parliament has risen from 6 % to 13%. NPA partners have campaigned to get more...
14.01.2016 | Julie Offerdal