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First Aid and Rescue Services

Norwegian People’s Aid has a long tradition where health work is concerned and was a pioneer in many fields for which the state later assumed responsibility – the occupational health service, for example.

Norwegian People’s Aid First Aid and Rescue Service saves lives and is active in prevention work and damage limitation. We work actively to strengthen the position of volunteer work in the country’s rescue services and to secure good framework conditions, and demand that operative personnel are not exposed to loss of earnings. Norwegian People’s Aid First Aid and Rescue Service stands prepared to assist the national Search and Rescue service. Whatever the time of day or night, crews are deployed to assist search and rescue operations across the country. Such preparedness makes great demands of our volunteers.

Norwegian People’s Aid First Aid and Rescue Service aims to approach the public as a professional resource at events and all other occasions where we are on stand-by, providing sound first aid and comprehensive preparedness expertise, thus including the prevention of injury or illness. By means of attitude-changing work, training and consciousness raising, we aim to make day-to-day life safer for the individual.

Norwegian People’s Aid First Aid and Rescue Service aims to increase public knowledge of life-saving first aid and actively lobbies for the introduction of mandatory first aid training within the school system and other public bodies. One of our goals is for Norwegian People’s Aid to be the leading course arranger within the first aid field.