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Well underway with relief efforts in Ukraine

In record time, Norwegian People's Aid has managed to establish two humanitarian programmes in Ukraine, each of which in its own way provides protection to a hard-pressed civilian population.

Training 3
Staff at the water utility in Chuguev city, Kharkiv get training in how to stay safe from explosives by one of NPA's certified CPP instructors. Photo: NPA
AV9 I5448 1
A bombed-out playground in Saltivka distric in the north-eastern part of Kharkiv city. Photo: Giovanni Diffidenti

"Fighting is still ongoing in eastern and southern parts of Ukraine, and daily indiscriminate airstrikes have been stepped up again over the past month. This also applies in Kyiv, where our land office is located," says Norwegian People's Aid's head of humanitarian mine clearance and explosives clearance in Ukraine, Alberto Serra.

From the time Norwegian People's Aid established the office in May to the beginning of October, the inhabitants of the capital had more or less taken back their everyday lives. In the past month, however, this has changed.

"We've had a number of bombings here as well, so now it's starting to be the new normal," Serra said.

At the end of September, Norwegian People's Aid finished training instructors who will teach civil protection and emergency preparedness in conflict areas (CPP). This is an activity carried out in collaboration with the local partner Ukrainian Demining Association, and which is expected to provide close to 4,000 people with skills and knowledge on how best to protect themselves against explosive weapons in a war situation.

Alberto small
Alberto Serra is NPA's Programme Manager in Ukraine Photo: Ludvig Gundersen, Norsk Folkehjelp.