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Slumdwellers activists threatened and killed in South Africa

30.03.17 | Torunn Aaslund

Sunday March 26, a man was shot in Bhambayi, one of Durban's suburbs. He’s now admitted to hospital struggling for life. He was shot by a local gangster who was accompanied by a district politician from the ANC that over a long period has been threatening activists in the slum dwellers movement Abahlali.

NPA partner receives international prize for trade union rights

24.03.17 | Julie Offerdal

The South African union CSAAWU has been awarded the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights for 2017. NPA welcomes this recognition of CSAAWU's important work.

Lebanon’s contamination legacy - 10 years later

24.03.17 | Hassan Hamzeh , Rachana Atmeh

10 years later, Lebanon’s legacy of landmine and cluster munition contamination is still affecting the lives of the Lebanese people. 

First to arrive with emergency aid to Mosul

28.02.17 | Julie Offerdal

As areas of Mosul are liberated from ISIS control, Norwegian People’s Aid partner organisations are the first to arrive with emergency aid.

Stop the use of the weapons affecting civilians hardest

23.02.17 | By Henriette Killi Westhrin, Secretary General, Norwegian People´s Aid.

10 years ago in Oslo, 46 States and civil society organisations agreed to work together to end the unacceptable harm caused by cluster munitions, a process that resulted in the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions. Now, it’s time for States to demonstrate leadership to end the use of explosive weapons killing civilians and destroying hospitals, schools, cities, and other civilian areas. 

Handover of cleared land

10.01.17 | Mario Quiñones Noriega

Colombia: Humanitarian demining pilot project handed over to the community with satisfactory results.


Mozambique declared free from Cluster Munitions

5.12.16 | Ingebjørg Sørenes

1,3 million Square metres, 144 Cluster Bomblets, 50 Antipersonnel Mines and 23 UXOs: Norwegian People’s Aid is proud to announce that we have finished clearing cluster munitions in Mozambique. This happens only a year after Mozambique was declared free of landmines in September 2015. 

Consultancy announcement

1.11.16 | Ingebjørg Sørenes

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Lebanon is commissioning a study within the framework of its project on “Partnership for Oil for the Common Good in Lebanon”. The project is managed by NPA and funded by the Norwegian Development Agency (Norad).

Please note that NPA has extended the deadline for submitting the project proposals and quotations for “Mapping the labor movement” for one week for submitting the consultancy proposal. The new deadline is Monday the 14th of November at 3:00 pm (Beirut time). Any offer received after this date won't be considered. 

Japanese embassy funds vital humanitarian demining in Colombia

27.10.16 | Ingebjørg Sørenes, Emma Heidenreich

In a formal ceremony held on Tuesday October 18, the Japanese embassy in Colombia officially signed over a donation of USD $555, 567 in support of NPA’s humanitarian demining pilot project in El Orejón, Antioquia.

EU continue mine action support in South Lebanon

7.10.16 |

On the 15th of June 2016 a delegation from the European Union (EU) Beirut visited the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Humanitarian Disarmament programme in south Lebanon. The EU delegation consisted of   Ms. Francesca Varlese, Ms. Liliane Dib and the military attaché Colonel Pierre des Jeux.