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"I found my vocation"

Meet Colombia’s first female Mine Detection Dog leader

16.05.2019 | Arianna Orozco

Ex combatant aims to become a teacher

Thinking about social reincorporation may bring different associations. On one hand, it is intrinsically attached to conflict, alienation, and social wounds. On the other hand, however, it opens up a door to new beginnings, reinvention and why not, hope.

16.05.2019 | Arianna Orozco

Women Ambassadors visit NPA-RENEW’s all-women clearance team

Hai Lang, Quang Tri (May 9th 2018): Four leaders in Vietnam’s international community, ambassadors representing Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and New Zealand observes an all-woman demining team at work.

13.05.2019 | Hien Ngo

Protecting the rights of minorities in Iraq

For minorities to be able to enjoy equal rights and participate in decision-making, an important place to start is providing education in...
02.05.2019 | Sara Hamdy

Do Oil Fund investments in the Occupied Palestinian Territory violate human rights?

A new report on investments by Norway’s sovereign wealth fund in the Occupied Palestinian Territory recommends reviewing exclusion criter...
24.04.2019 |

Why remember the horrors of the past?

Norwegian People's Aid would like to pay our deepest respect to the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi. We are committed to suppor...
08.04.2019 |

Evaluation visit

Lebanon: As part of the 20-month Global Mine Action Programme (GMAP) funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Developmen...
03.04.2019 | Emile Ollivier

From battle field to farm land

“Having lived here for 25 years, I have many times encountered wartime explosive weapons” says coffee farmer Le Quang Tien. NPA is now cl...
29.03.2019 | Hien Xuan Ngo

International Parliamentary Appeal

Parliamentarians have a vital role to play in enhancing the protection of civilians in armed conflict. 
20.03.2019 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen

Barking heroes

While heroes are known to wear capes, our heroes come with paws and waggling tails.
14.03.2019 | Hala Amhaz