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Norwegian People’s Aid reaches a settlement with the U.S. government

3.04.18 |

Norwegian People’s Aid has reached agreement on a settlement with the U.S. authorities and will pay the U.S. authorities 2,025,000 U.S. Dollars due to an unintentional breach of a clause in an agreement made with USAID in 2012.

Towards full-scale national mine action operations in Somalia

21.02.18 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen

New mine action strategic plan marks important development in Somalian mine action.

NPA re-commences mine action activities in and around Mosul

9.02.18 |

As the first NGO to return to working on IED clearance in the area, NPA's Non-Technical Survey Teams recommenced its survey operations around Mosul on the 6th February 2018.

Tender for Strategy consultant, Humanitarian Disarmament Programmes

8.02.18 |

March - July 2018 - Consultancy services on Strategy revision.

Call for tender: Consultant (Researcher position)

7.02.18 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen

Norwegian People’s Aid Humanitarian Disarmament Mine Action Review Project, March - December 2018

Bid notice: Evaluation of NPA’s Approach in Humanitarian Assistance

25.01.18 |

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), is a Norwegian based humanitarian organization with programs in more than 40 countries worldwide. NPA has a strong tradition as a partner based organization and is among one of the largest mine action organizations. NPA aims to strengthen its involvement in humanitarian actions. As part of this work NPA will develop a humanitarian policy as a guiding tool for any future assistance. To further support this work it has been decided to undertake an evaluation of NPA’s humanitarian assistance approach.

The main purpose of the evaluation is to analyze NPA as a humanitarian actor; how and to what degree the programs are implemented in line with the strategy, principles and values; the effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of humanitarian projects. A part of the evaluation is to assess how and to what degree NPs humanitarian programs relate to international humanitarian standards and how the programs have contributed towards strengthening partner organizations in humanitarian response.

The evaluation will build on recent evaluations of humanitarian programs and be organized as a desk study.  NPA has estimated the evaluation to be done within a frame of five working weeks. NPA is expecting a draft report to be delivered by 1 April 2018 and the final report no later than 1 May 2018. The evaluation should include critical analysis and clear recommendations.

The evaluation should suggest key areas for strengthening NPA as a humanitarian organization building on best practices and lessons learned identified in earlier reviews of NPAs humanitarian work. The evaluation will be used to strengthen learning within NPA and to be shared with partners with respect to how we combined can strengthen our humanitarian response capacity. 

A more detailed ToR is available, please contact Terje Skavdal (terjes@npaid.org) +4791782706 or Svein Olaf Evjen Olsen (sveino@npaid.org) +47 92478862.  The TOR will be discussed and adjusted as soon as the external consultant has been appointed.

Selection of candidates for this consultancy will be conducted in accordance with bidding procedures as detailed in the NPA procurement guidelines, and is open to all eligible bidders. Bids must be delivered before COB 13 February 2018 by e-mail to terjes@npaid.org or by post to NPA, P.O Box 8844, Youngstorget, 0028 Norway.

Call for tender Senior Consultant Humanitarian Disarmament programme - Senior researcher

12.01.18 |

January - December 2018. Consultancy services for a Senior Researcher for the Mine Action Review project.

Tender for Senior Consultant, Humanitarian Disarmament Programmes

12.01.18 |

January - December 2018. Consultancy services for Editor of the Mine Action Review project

New Palestine agreement between NUMGE and NPA

11.12.17 | Betzy Alexandra Kjelsberg Thangstad

Union leader Mette Nord and Henriette Killi Westhrin, Secretary-General to Norwegian People’s Aid sign a four-year cooperation agreement in support of the Palestinians’ fight for freedom in the Middle East.

Join the Nobel Peace Prize Celebration!

6.12.17 |

Norwegian People's Aid is a proud member organisation of this years Nobel Peace Prize winner, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Wapons. Here are our suggestions to how you can participate in the celebration of ICAN and the Nobel Peace Prize.