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Standing up in Guatemala

3.09.13 |

“We, the young people, have to speak up and express our ideas about how we want our communities to be developed,”said Dominga Pastor Hernández.

Maya Balam Movement in Guatemala

3.09.13 | Torunn Aaslund

Rigoberto Mejia, from the municipality of Tacana San Marcos in Guatemala, is a leader in the Maya Balam Movement, an alliance of organizations based on the Mayan cosmovision. In addition to defending the Maya territory and its natural resources, the movement fights to make Guatemala a plurinational state like Ecuador and Bolivia.

Ubuntu lifted Norway, so why not South Africa?

28.05.13 | Liv Tørres

In a commentary post in South Africa's Mail & Guardian, Liv Tørres, secretary-general of the Norwegian People's Aid, reflects on the day that shattered Norway's image of being the most peaceful country in the world when 77 people were killed in an attack.

Syria: Evidence Shows Cluster Bombs Killed Children

24.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

"Compelling evidence has emerged that an airstrike using cluster bombs on the town of Deir al-`Assafeer near Damascus killed at least 11 children and wounded others on November 25, 2012. The Syrian government should immediately cease its use of this highly dangerous weapon, which has been banned by most nations," writes Human Rights Watch.

Community residents regain land in Phnom Penh

23.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

After years of struggling the residents in Boeung Kak Lake won some of their land back. It was a great victory. However, 94 families were left out of the deal. “But we are stronger now; we understand our force when we stand together. We will continue to stand together; there is still a long battle ahead”, says Heng Mom, a woman activist in the community, one of those who did not yet regain her property.

New Developments in Chevron vs Ecuador case

23.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

Argentine court orders freeze of Chevron’s assets. On 7th November an Argentine court ordered the immediate freeze of all of Chevron’s assets in the country (estimated to be worth over $2 billion).

Finding My Humanity in South Africa

23.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

“I told them that although I wept most of the time, I also laughed a lot, and that even in the time I felt great pain, I also found comfort and strength. I told them that when I cried feeling the pain of others, I felt very human, and that solidarity is the essence of humanity.”

Latin-American demining mission nearing completion

23.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

Dogs and deminers have completed more than half the task on the border between Peru and Chile.

NPA Board visit South Sudan

22.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

Three Norwegian People’s Aid board members visited South Sudan in October to see the work NPA is doing in the country. The team was led by the Head of trustees Finn Erik Thoresen and the two NPA vice presidents; Kjersti Jenssen and Atle Høie and Orrvar Dalby the head of the international division

South Sudan Mine Action staff visit Afghanistan

22.01.13 | Victoria Uwonkunda

4 South Sudanese nationals working with the National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) of South Sudan in October visited Afghanistan to learn how the Afghan Mine Action Coordination Centre (MACCA) manages its mine action Programme.