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New Developments in Chevron vs Ecuador case

Argentine court orders freeze of Chevron’s assets. On 7th November an Argentine court ordered the immediate freeze of all of Chevron’s assets in the country (estimated to be worth over $2 billion).

Chevron Corporation is currently in default of a $19.04 billion final judgement in Ecuador relating to the dumping of toxic waste. Chevron Corporation continues to refuse to comply with this judgement and company CEO and Chair John Watson stated at the 2012 AGM that the company will resist the judgement “until hell freezes over”.
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Chevron Subpoenas Google and Others for Private Email Info
The oil giant goes fishing for private data on activists, attorneys, and journalists connected to its famous Ecuador lawsuit.

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As of 2012 the Norwegian “Oil Fund” (Government Pension Fund) has 8.3 billion USD (00.66 % of the shares) invested in Chevron.

Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian trade union Industry Energy demand that the Norwegian Bank Investment Management (NBIM, which manages the “Oil Fund’s” investments) must cooperate with other investors and sign the investors’ declaration demanding a strategic change in the trial to safeguard shareholders' interests.
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