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NPA awarded By The Royal government of Cambodia

Cambodian Prime Minister HE Hun Sen awarded NPA for outstanding support to the Royal government of Cambodia from1992 to 2012.

On the 2 April 2013 the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) hosted a National Conference on Mine Action in the presidential peace palace in Phnom Phen.

 – The Norwegian Peoples Aid Cambodia has two teams working with cluster munitions survey in East Cambodia and NPA received an award for outstanding support to the Royal government of Cambodia. We are honored and thank both the people of Cambodia, our partners and the Prime Minister who presented us the awards, says NPA Programme Manager Jan Erik Støa.  

Cambodian Mine Action Authorities (CMAA) invited all Mine Action and Development partners and ambassadors in the country to participate in this one day conference. The results from the 3 year national base line non-technical survey were presented in detail. This survey was conducted by MAG, HALO trust, CMAC and NPA teams. More than 14.000 villages were visited and 1.700 hectares of land identified as suspected to be contaminated from landmines and other explosive remnants of war.  

– The achievements for 2009 to 2012 were presented and the way forward discussed, says Jan Erik Støa. 

In addition to the award to NPA for its mine action work, NPAs country director Mr Hao, Program Manager Mine Action Jan Erik Støa and two mine action project managers, Mr Vand and Mr Bunhok received individual awards for their work.

Mine Ban Treaty 

– One of the objectives of this meeting was to update all relevant stakeholders on the progress made by the RGC in fulfilling the requirements of the Mine Ban Treaty and the national strategically plan (2010 – 2019), says Jan Erik Støa.

The Cambodian government encourages the international donor community and all mine action/development partners to remain committed to assisting Cambodia in reaching their obligations in the mine ban treaty by 2019. Approximately 450 million USD, during the next 8 year period would be required to reach this objective of a mine impact free Cambodia. The implementation of Land Release methodology by all mine action operators was highlighted as essential to complete the task on time. 

– The Cambodian government also encourages donors and partners to support the continuation of the national survey in 2013/2014 to include all areas of east Cambodia. These areas are heavy contaminated by Cluster munitions and other explosive remnants but have not been properly survey thus the impact of contamination is still not clear, says Jan Erik Støa.

The closing remarks of this national conference were delivered by Cambodian Prime Minister His Excellency Hun Sen. The Cambodian PM ensured all participants that the Cambodian government would remain committed to fulfill the obligations of the mine ban treaty and that increased state funding to mine action would be a priority in the year to come.

10.04.2013 | Victoria Uwonkunda